George Nader (October 19, 1921 – February 4, 2002) was an American film and TV on-screen character. George Nader is best known for a wide variety of movies from 1950 through 1974, including Phone Call from a Stranger (1952), Congo Crossing (1956), and The Female Animal (1958).

He likewise did a lot of TV and featured in a few arrangement, including NBC’s The Man and the Challenge (1959– 60). George Nader is associated with his featuring part in “one of the most noticeably awful movies at any point made”, a low-spending 3-D science fiction film called Robot Monster (1953).

George Nader got a contract with Universal and acted in supporting role in a number of films. Despite the fact that he won a Golden Globe grant for “Most Promising Newcomer,” George Nader frequently ended up battling in the shadow of more popular driving men, such Rock Hudson, Tony Curtis, and Jeff Chandler.

George Nader‘s movies of that period incorporated 1954’s “Jubilee Story” and “Sins of Jezebel and 1956’s “Away All Boats.” He moved to TV in the late 1950s, and showed up in a few fleeting arrangement including, ‘The Further Adventures of Ellery Queen’ and ‘Shannon’. He additionally showed up oftentimes on “The Loretta Young Show,” an emotional collection arrangement.

George Nader was gay amid his movie profession though he kept things quiet. He and his life partner were among Rock Hudson’s dearest companions.

In the 1970s, George Nader endured eye damage in a car crash, which made him especially delicate to the brilliant lights of motion picture sets and constrained him to resign from acting. This is when he wrote Chrome (1978), a sci-fi novel written transparently and decidedly around a same-sex relationship.

As per Variety’s Army Archerd, George Nader had finished a book called The Perils of Paul about the gay group in Hollywood, which he put up for publication until after his demise.

Stricken by different therapeutic issues, Nader entered a healing center in September 2001. He kicked the bucket at Woodland Hills, California, of cardiopulmonary complications, pneumonia and various other issues.